Lenovo Hardware and Support

logolenovoSolinkit is an authorized Lenovo reseller and support retailer.  We can provide Lenovo hardware, servers, and tablets to both the non-profit, corporate, and private sectors.

Lenovo was founded in 1984 and later acquired the Personal Computing Division of IBM in 2005 which has allowed them to become a leading computer manufacturer with a wide array of products to meet the needs of home users as well as the demanding business users. Solinkit is an authorized reseller of Lenovo products. Whether you need a PC for home or work, call us for a free consultation and we will find the Lenovo PC that meets your needs. We also offer certified refurbished options from the manufacturer when available.

In addtion to workstations, the Solinkit engineers can also custom build servers to fit the needs of your organization. We pride ourselves with our Lenovo partnership as it provides the best for our customers in terms of warranty support and quick turn around on the rare occasion that hardware would fail.

We frequently purchase and test the new Lenovo systems to ensure that they meet Solinkit’s high quality standards. Contact us today to see what we can put together for your organization.