James Sulfare Jr.

James Sulfare Jr.


With over a quarter of a decade of executive leadership, incorporating on-the-edge thinking, and most importantly real-life domestic and international “in-the-trenches business experience,” his view is refreshingly different and common sense balanced. James appreciates and shares with management, staff, and interns that leadership and success is a moment-to-moment choice and not about titles, tenure or positions. Leadership is for everyone everyday. It’s how we should live our life and a goal we should aspire for.

James, sometimes referred to as the “provocateur” for his ability to stir up a group or as the “people whisperer” for his leadership skill that brings out the best in people. He is known for his practical, street-savvy style. James’ fusion of real-life stories, military experience and his conversational techniques connect with those whom he interacts at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Nathan Neil

Nathan Neil

Manager of Technology and Business Services

Experienced with project management and business development. Have managed multiple website and cloud software solution development projects, including the 9/11 and Veteran’s Park Memorial database. In addition to web development I also have network infrastructure development experience, including fiber optic networking, VLAN configuration, and switch management.

An Infraguard member and focus on network and information security. Specializing in a variety of firewalls, pen testing, and technological forensics.

Additionally along with my project management and computer engineer work, I am also a Philanthropist and recently have given presentations to students in rural schools about robotics and renewable energy. Through a sponsorship with Solinkit and OWIrobot we were able to provide every student with a free robotics kit.

Who We Are

It is the mission of Solinkit, LLC to provide comprehensive technology consulting, and solutions for the quad state regions. It is our long-term goal to become the preferred business-to-business consultants and service provider for the East Coast area. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with our clients so that the delivery of their message, products, and services can reach the highest return on investment.

Solinkit, a leading technology, business and marketing consulting firm, delivers results that endure the ever changing world. Our expertise and objectives cover all market aspects with quality and long term results.

Solinkit was original founded in 1995 as Sovereign Link International in Bethlehem, PA (also known as the Lehigh Valley). Created to provided support and development services to SBS, opening the door to our future and providing both services and knowledge to companies such as Harte-Hanks, GMAC, Telespectrum, Hartford, Holder and many more.

Solinkit is a private company with corporate headquarters in Chambersburg, PA. James H Sulfare Jr is the founder of the firm — and principal owner since 2003. Combing quality consulting and unique problem-solving solutions we leave no stone unturned and deliver dedication to every solution allowing our customer to seize every opportunity and achieve the highest level of success in not just the most critical mission but the everyday task.



Solinkit services a wide array of industries, including, but not limited to non-profits, emergency response, education, retail, restaurants, private/public corporations, and more.  In addition to these industries, Solinkit staff is also specially for the medical industry and legal industry.


Managed Services, Cloud Technology, Technology Consulting, Networking, Security Systems, Virtual Desktop Imaging, Virtual Private Servers, Online Backup and Storage, Web Hosting and Design, Electronic Medical Records



Solinkit has an excellent internship program and prides itself on the knowledge that the interns leave with.  Solinkit has for the last five years supported interns from Shippensburg University and Penn College of Technology.


Company Incubation:

In addition to being a technology services provider, Solinkit has also incubated successful companies and provided them with the tools they need to succeed.  In 2012, Solinkit started to incubated the award winning company, with patents pending, Purple Deck Media.  Purple Deck Media has graduated the Solinkit incubation and incorporated as its own corporation in 2014!  In 2013, Solinkit also incubated a cellular and residential computer repair startup, PadBlue, located on the west side of Chambersburg PA.