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Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is continuously changing and improving the ever-changing needs of today’s enterprises. Microsoft has been striving to decrease the administrative

Apple or Windows
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Microsoft or Apple: Benefits and Disadvantages

Since their founding, Apple and Microsoft have been major rivals. Both companies dabble in the same markets (hardware and software), both were founded by nerdy home

Apple or Windows
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How to set up a computer

Setting up a computer can be a daunting task, but with this guide, you’ll have your PC or laptop up and running in no time.

Identity Theft
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How To Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is more common than you think, in particular in the modern digital era. Unfortunately, everyone is a potential target to hackers. Why? Because

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Which Password Manager is Best for You

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they must choose to ditch the sticky note or old grocery list or water damaged notepad, or

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A Phishing PSA

What is phishing? Have you ever received an odd message from a friend saying that they cannot believe the photos of you that a website

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Important Microsoft Exchange Server Patch Alert

Microsoft’s release of patches for multiple different on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server zero-day vulnerabilities that are being exploited by a nation-state affiliated group. The vulnerabilities exist