IT Provider for Medical Offices

Medical Office IT Solution Providers

When it comes to medical offices, choosing an IT provider can be difficult. On top of knowing their skill, the right IT specialists should understand the details and importance of HIPPA. Considering that HIPPA violations come with a hefty price ($100-50k per violation), it is crucial that your IT staff understands patient confidentiality. At SolinkIt, our team has a deep understanding of HIPPA, which means we understand how much it means to your medical office to have information security. Additionally, we understand that medical offices have thousands of patient reports and images that must be safe and easy to access. SolinkIt specializes in storage backups, so your important files are always safe and accounted for. In this post, we’ll be exploring all the ways that SolinkIt is equipped to serve medical offices. 

Dental Practices

SolinkIt has over 15 years of experience in supporting dental practices. Our specialists are familiar with softwares like Patient Gallery and Dentrix. Normally, you may rely on a list of people who only know one area of IT support. The specialists at SolinkIt have an arsenal of knowledge, including computers, copiers, phones, networks, servers, imaging machines and more. If it connects to a computer, we can handle it! At SolinkIt, we have the tools and experience to set up, troubleshoot, and maintain your technology. We take care of the technology so you can focus on your patients and staff.

Mental Health Services

Patient privacy is of utmost importance for mental health services and psychiatric practices. At SolinkIt, we have experience setting up HIPPA compliant email systems for doctor-patient communication, as well as telehealth options via phone and video conferencing. Our technicians can also set up online patient documentation for your practice. This ensures that patients can electronically fill out medical forms before visiting your office, all while maintaining patient safety and information safety. SolinkIt can set up programs for medical staff to digitize their notes and treatment plans. This allows medical professionals to share the patient’s file across providers upon patient approval. Trusting SolinkIt to manage your servers and software will provide you with the reassurance that your patient information is efficiently and securely managed. 

Private Medical Practice

If you work in a private medical practice, SolinkIt is here to help you! Our technicians can equip your network with remote access capabilities. This allows your staff to access practice files and information from other secure devices. Our staff can also set up software like Dragon Naturally Speaking, a talk to text software for medical professionals. This software is available in a variety of languages and dialects and has the ability to translate text while you speak. SolinkIt technicians are familiar with a variety of software to help your medical office run smoother. When you choose SolinkIt as your IT provider, you are picking a team that has experience in IT within the medical industry. We’ll take care of you, so you can take care of others.

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