Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is continuously changing and improving the ever-changing needs of today’s enterprises. Microsoft has been striving to decrease the administrative license burden as a component of their effort in the CSP program and give the versatility to accommodate a variety of consumers’ purchasing situations and needs.

In 2019, Microsoft released the New Commerce Experience (NCE) for Microsoft Azure. It expanded to include Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform so that users can download it on all their devices for a flat price by the fall of 2021. This model is referred to as ‘per seat’ or ‘seat-based’ offers. It equips resellers with innovative strategies to handle and streamline subscriptions.

The NCE will assist businesses in competitively structuring their enterprises for future development, evolving to more extensive and consistent cash flows, and reducing the confusion and costs of licensing.


On March 1, 2022, the prices for the products increased as follows:

Enterprise products like Microsoft 365 E3 are now $36 from $32, Office 365 E1 is now $10 from being $8 previously, Office 365 E3 is now $23 from $20, and Office 365 E5 is now $38 from $35.

For SMB products, Microsoft 365 Business Basic has raised its price from $5 to $6 and Microsoft 365 Business Premium from $20 to $22.

Please be aware that the prices for Microsoft Business Standard, Microsoft 365 E5, and the Frontline SKUs are unchanged. Please be aware that this cost adjustment affects all consumers across the world.

Distributors must transfer any existing CSP contracts to the New Commerce Experience.

Your Future with New Commerce Experience

With enhanced income certainty, decreased license complications, numerous contract duration choices, and tools that allow new sales possibilities and production performance, switching to the New Commerce Experience will help you prepare for your development. You should anticipate paying a 20% premium for a monthly term. Payments can be made in advance or monthly for yearly term payments. You may pay for the triannual term in three ways: ahead, annually, or monthly.

In August 2021, Windows 365 monthly service conditions were made accessible in the existing CSP experience, and in October 2021, in CSP new commerce. Distributors may now offer Windows 365 licenses on a yearly membership term and the existing monthly fee plans. The yearly membership term is 10% cheaper than the monthly subscription period

All commercial legacy subscriptions for Modern Work and Dynamics that are up for renewal after July 11th, 2022, will need to be concerted to NCE 3 days before their renewal date. Failure to convert to NCE 3 days prior will be considered a disruption of service.

Canceling Your Subscription

Canceling policies are all seat-based deals applicable to Windows 365 in new commerce. New commerce will provide 167 hours for withdrawals of subscription and seat discounts for any new commercial membership contracts in CSP, rather than 72 hours before. This modification is designed to give vendors more flexibility to adapt to orders after they have been purchased. Subscription termination or seat adjustment charges will be assessed from when the membership is purchased until it is terminated or seats are lowered.

Extra Contents

Extra contents can be bought individually from basic product Subscriptions as separate Subscriptions. As a result, the expiration dates may differ. The API Upgrade tool cannot be used to transfer extra contents to NCE. Before transferring, extra contents must be uninstalled from legacy and bought back on NCE. When trying to buy an NCE extra content, distributors will encounter problems if the client does not meet any of the preexisting conditions.

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