Solinkit Partners with Comcast

Comcast Project Management

Comcast, a leading telecommunications company, provides mobile, network and internet solutions for businesses nationwide. SoLinkIt has teamed up with Comcast to provide businesses with affordable technology solutions. 

Common Issues

When you manage your own phone and network systems, issues can surface. Say you added new phones to an old network, which overloaded the server with voice traffic. Maybe you paid high-dollar prices, hoping to get blue ribbon service. Once you realized it wasn’t worth the cost, you recruited an employee from another department to manage the phone and network issues, hoping to cut costs. You could jump through hoops and pay high prices for low-quality service, or you could call SoLinkIt. Our technical staff has the experience you need, ready to provide you with quality service. 

SoLinkIt is Here To Help

With SoLinkIt, your office can lease phones through Comcast rather than purchasing. This allows you to update your phones without having to buy new ones. The team at SoLinkIt will guarantee that you have the proper networking equipment and phones for your unique needs. A technician will determine the best way to power your phones, and may suggest using Power of Ethernet. This option would power your phones anywhere an Ethernet connection is available, so there is no need for traditional AC power. Once your equipment is set up, SoLinkIt will provide you with the network management needed for your new systems. 

How Does it Work?

The SoLinkIt process is simple. Upon request, a SoLinkIt technician will conduct an initial consultation, featuring a workplace survey and a discussion about service goals. Then, we will reevaluate your provider bill and advocate on your behalf for a better price. Once we confirm a better service rate with Comcast, a technician will collect the necessary materials for your office. SoLinkIt provides a smooth rollout for phone distribution, and will be available to answer any questions you may have about your new system. The most expensive system isn’t always the best system, which is why SoLinkIt wants to give you quality service for a great price. Contact us today for more information.

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