About Us

Established in 1995, Solinkit, LLC has devoted itself to offering top-of-the-line technology consulting and managed IT solutions. We are proudly based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, from where we serve a myriad of industries – first responders, medical professionals, manufacturers, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions – by extending our expertise across the region.

A Proactive Approach to IT

At Solinkit, our guiding principle is “Trust, but Verify”. We empower our clients to closely inspect their current IT infrastructure as we simultaneously implement strong backup solutions and security-centric IT services. This duality ensures an optimal blend of freedom and supervision for your IT landscape.

In this era of escalating cyber threats, maintaining up-to-date systems is a necessity, not a choice. We tirelessly monitor and upgrade your systems to the latest security standards, thus minimizing risks. We don’t just react to problems; we anticipate them. Our proactive approach includes regularly auditing system components, monitoring network traffic, deploying patches, and verifying system integrity to maintain robust defense lines against cyber threats.

Our adherence to stringent IT procedures also supports this proactive ethos. We ensure that all necessary procedures are in place, regularly reviewed, and strictly adhered to, guaranteeing optimal IT performance and security.

Over Two Decades of Excellence

Solinkit, originally known as Sovereign Link International, was born in Bethlehem, PA – famously known as the Lehigh Valley. Our founder, James Sulfare, Jr., initially aimed to offer IT support and development services to small businesses. However, his vision soon expanded to providing comprehensive services for prestigious businesses like Harte-Hanks, GMAC, Telespectrum, Hartford, Holder, and many others. These early relationships played an integral role in shaping Solinkit’s reputation as a provider of world-class IT services.

In 2003, we rebranded to Solinkit, a change that signaled our readiness to embrace the future and expand our horizons. By 2019, our IT & Business Manager, Nathan Neil, took over the reins from Sulfare. Acknowledged as “Entrepreneur of the Year 2022”, Neil has since steered Solinkit’s growth into new markets and products, continuously reinventing our company’s vision.

Solinkit’s veteran-led status is another testament to our discipline, commitment, and resilience. Under the management of Michael Brown, an esteemed military veteran, we incorporate military-grade precision and reliability in all our operations. This unique leadership approach ensures our services are timely, reliable, and always up to the task.

 Solutions for Diverse Needs

Our expertise spans across a wide variety of industries, providing support to both public and private corporations, including specialized services for the medical sector, ensuring all HIPAA compliances and BA agreements are strictly met.

Each of our services is designed with meticulous care and tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs:

  • Managed Services: We provide round-the-clock system monitoring, preventative maintenance, and rapid response to IT issues.
  • Cloud Technology: Our services make it easy for you to store, retrieve, and work on your data securely from anywhere.
  • Technology Consulting: We offer expert guidance to help you choose the right technology solutions that align with your business objectives.
  • Networking: We design and manage secure, robust networks that keep your business connected and productive.
  • Security Systems: We provide advanced security solutions that safeguard your digital assets from cyber threats.

Additionally, we offer solutions in Virtual Desktop Imaging, Virtual Private Servers, Online Backup and Storage, Web Hosting and Design, and Electronic Medical Records. These services ensure seamless operations, business continuity, and maximum uptime. With Solinkit, you can be assured of a reliable IT partner committed to fostering your business’s growth and digital transformation.

Ready For Responsive IT Support?

Founder James Sulfare Jr.
Sulfare and Neil at Big Idea Contest (2014)
IT Manager Michael Brown