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When looking for a computer technology company, look for someone local.  Solinkit is located in Chambersburg, PA and services a 60 mile radius with on-site and remote services.  Solinkit is a leading business technology consulting firm. We are located in the historic professional arts building on Penncraft Avenue in Chambersburg, PA. We provide a very valuable resource for smaller to medium sized companies in South Central PA and the surrounding areas that don’t have an in-house IT department. We work with all kinds of companies ranging from Medical companies that require HIPAA compliance (All of our employees are HIPAA certified) and EMS to Government Agencies, Retail, and Nonprofits. We specialize in Managed Services, Cloud Technology, Technology Consulting, Networking, Security Systems, Business Computers, Virtual Private Servers, Online Backup and Data Storage, Quickbooks, Amazon Web Services, and Electronic Medical Records.

Our customers enjoy the benefits of our extensive system monitoring, which alerts us to potential problems before they happen. This maximizes your productivity while also keeping your downtime to a minimum. We can monitor how your machines are working, which computers need to be upgraded, and if there is anything that we can proactively prevent. We provide reports at any time to see the full health of your workstations. Solinkit also offers real time update monitoring so we can manage updates and ensure that they are being installed correctly. Our management tools allow us to provide full transparency and notify us if there is an update that requires on-site or remote assistance.

Solinkit is a Lenovo business partner – we sell all Lenovo desktops, laptops, and servers. We are an authorized reseller and take pride in evaluating the need for your organization to determine what computer would fit your needs. We don’t oversell or propose a computer that is more than what you need. Solinkit services every major manufacturer ( Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Apple, Sony, Toshiba, IBM ). Solinkit is also a Samsung partner so we are a reseller of all Samsung products including laptops, desktops, monitors, tablets, printers, memory devices (HDD, SSD, MicroSD, Flash Drives, & DRAM), and much more.

The goal of Solinkit is to provide comprehensive technology consulting and services for the four state region. If a computer has an issue, it may not need to be replaced. We will do whatever is best for you, sometimes all that is needed is a minor upgrade and not a whole new computer. We do what is best for your company while also saving you as much money as we can.

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