Support & Maintenance

Technology Services

It is the mission of Solinkit, LLC to provide comprehensive technology consulting, and solutions for the four state region. It is our long-term goal to become the preferred business-to-business consultants and service provider for the East Coast area. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with our clients so that the delivery of their message, products, and services can reach the highest return on investment.

System Monitoring

Our customers enjoy the benefit of our robust system monitoring, which alerts us to potential problems before they happen.  This maximizes your productivity and keeps downtime to a minimum.  Our monitoring tools also allow us to provide information as to how your computers are working, what machines may need upgraded and if one has an issue we can proactively prevent.  Want to see how we are doing with managing your network?  We can provide a report at anytime to see the full health of your workstations.

Computer Sales & Repair

Solinkit is your go-to for Lenovo desktops, laptops and servers.  We are an authorized reseller and take pride in evaluating the need for your organization to determine what computer would fit your need.  We don’t oversell or propose a machine that our technicians wouldn’t personally use themselves.  If a computer has an issue, it may not need replaced.  We will advise as to the best option.  Sometimes all that is needed is a few minor upgrades, which save your business hundreds of dollars.  If your car had a flat tire you wouldn’t buy a new car.  We take that same philosophy to when we evaluate your workstations.  We also provide computer repair for both hardware and software issues, in addition to being an authorized Lenovo Warranty Center.

Business Networks

We specialize in both on-premise Windows Server and cloud solutions for managing your users and file storage.  Using only the best products that we have tested and used personally, you can trust that the equipment we recommend for your network performs to a standard that we expect in our own office.  We can build, map and reconfigure networks to run at their peak performance.  Additionally, we have the knowledge to determine if there is an appliance slowing down your network.  Your network is the backbone of your business.  In most cases it controls your computers, phones, cameras, wireless and many other devices.  Keeping your network fine tuned is crucial for productivity.


Full Site Wireless

Isn’t it disappointing when you must move your laptop around a building to hit the right spot to have a WiFi connection?  With Solinkit, we have solutions for full site wireless.  This means that we can configure your building to eliminate dead spots and maximize your wireless connection speed.  We have solutions that can fit into wall outlets, ceiling tiles and even connect buildings together for a seamless experience.


Internet & Phone Consulting

Different businesses require different levels of internet.  We work with you and internet service providers to find the connection that best fits your level of internet usage to serve your daily activity.  Additionally, we work with phone carriers to help establish plans for adding or upgrading your existing phone system.  Let our project managers take the stress out of the project by creating those specifications and ensuring that the carrier does exactly what is necessary.

Update Support

Microsoft, software and hardware companies are always providing updates for their products.  This ensures that your products run smoothly and are secure from the latest threats.  With our real-time update monitoring we can
manage these updates and ensure that they are being installed properly. 
Our management tools allow us to provide full transparency and notify
us if there is an update that requires on-site or remote assistance. 

Malware & Antivirus

With all the news of data breaches, ransomware, malware and viruses it is
easy to understand the importance of network security.  You should not
have to worry about all the threats that are out there.  At Solinkit, we
make your security our priority.  We use tools that provide real-time
threat detection in addition to ensuring that the software protecting
your computer is up to date.  Many IT companies install the tools, but
do not take a proactive approach.  We ensure that your machines are at
the ready to protect your valuable business data.



A firewall is the protective barrier between your network and the outside
internet.  Think of it as the security guard for your network.  It
allows good data in and keeps the bad out.  A good firewall
configuration can mean the difference between your customers data being
secure or accessed by a malicious party.  We specialize in the
configuration of firewalls that can also monitor traffic across your
wireless network and switches.  This allows a real time picture to see
where data is flowing and who is accessing it.

Security Cameras

With a well configured network comes the opportunity for a security system
that can allow you to remotely and securely view cameras at any time,
even from a smartphone or tablet.  We have hundreds of camera variations
to fit any type of room or weather condition.  We make your
surveillance system fit your needs, rather than selling a boxed
product.  Indoor, outdoor, long range, night vision, 360-degree vision
and many other options are available.  If you already have a network
managed by Solinkit, integration is easy.  Our solutions provide options
to also backup video to the cloud.  This adds an extra layer of
security incase someone damages your recording device or there is a
natural disaster.


Cyber Security Coaching

We provide cyber security coaching and training to help employees
understand and identify threats, such as a malicious email.  We also
provide assessments to identify if staff members need additional
training and what form of threats your business might be more