Security Solutions

Firewall Solutions

A firewall is the protective barrier between your network and the outside internet. Think of it as the security guard for your network. It allows good data in and keeps the bad out. A good firewall configuration can mean the difference between your customers data being secure or accessed by a malicious party. We specialize in the configuration of firewalls that can also monitor traffic across your wireless network and switches. This allows a real time picture to see where data is flowing and who is accessing it.

Camera Systems

With a well-configured network comes the opportunity for a security system that can allow you to remotely and securely view cameras at any time, from any device. Every company has a need for a security system but don’t always want to spend a lot of money for a security system that isn’t up to par with their needs. We have hundreds of camera variations to fit any type of room or condition. We make your surveillance system fit your needs rather than selling you a one-dimensional product that won’t be as effective as it should be. This could be indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, long distance cameras, night vision cameras, 360 degree cameras, and much more.

Our security systems also provide the option of being backed up on the cloud which eliminates all the headaches of traditional systems. This also adds an extra layer of security in case someone damages your recording device or if there is a natural disaster. Being backed up on the cloud also allows you to view your recordings from any device – including smartphones and tablets from anywhere on any network.

All of our recording devices are above industry standards – they meet all storage and utilization requirements with an ultra high definition (UHD) output up to 4k resolution. Our cameras can also be set up to start recording based off of movement to save any unwanted storage space. Our security systems are highly customizable to give you the safety that your business needs at a cost that you can afford.

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