Password being typed on screen
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Which Password Manager is Best for You

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they must choose to ditch the sticky note or old grocery list or water damaged notepad, or

Microsoft Office 365 Support
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A Phishing PSA

What is phishing? Have you ever received an odd message from a friend saying that they cannot believe the photos of you that a website

Microsoft Partner
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Important Microsoft Exchange Server Patch Alert

Microsoft’s release of patches for multiple different on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server zero-day vulnerabilities that are being exploited by a nation-state affiliated group. The vulnerabilities exist

Medical IT Support
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IT Provider for Medical Offices

Medical Office IT Solution Providers When it comes to medical offices, choosing an IT provider can be difficult. On top of knowing their skill, the

Comcast Partner
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Solinkit Partners with Comcast

Comcast Project Management Comcast, a leading telecommunications company, provides mobile, network and internet solutions for businesses nationwide. SoLinkIt has teamed up with Comcast to provide

Samsung Partner
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Solinkit Partners with Samsung

Samsung, a global leader in technology, has partnered with SolinkIt to provide businesses with enhanced technology solutions. For their first partnered project, SolinkIt will be

Apple or Windows
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Most Common Computer Issues

Computers are used on a daily basis by the majority of people in the United States. Whether it’s for personal use, work, or school –