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Computer Repair, Upgrade or Replacement

We rely on computers and networks to get our jobs done effectively, but what do you do when you start to have problems?  Sometimes machines get slow, won’t boot up or has error messages that show.  Business owner’s do not have time for faulty computer equipment.  This is when you need a company that can advise whether the machine should be repaired, upgraded or replaced. In this blog we explore a scenario for each of these different options.

Computer Repair

A user with a relatively new computer found that when they returned to work after vacation that their machine would not turn on.  Solinkit went onsite and performed our diagnostic checks and determined that the power supply had failed.  The machine was outside of its manufacturer’s warranty but was a very powerful graphics editing PC.  The processor, memory and video card were in excellent shape and above the average computer on the market.  In this instance we advised the customer to have us replace the faulty power supply.  This repair cost a little under $200 but saved the company approximately $1,800 for a comparable replacement.  In this instance a computer repair was the best choice because the computer had great hardware and was blazing fast.  Its only problem was turning on and with a simple swap, it was back in production.

Computer Upgrade

Sometimes we are brought into a project where a customer thinks that their machines all need replaced because they are very slow.  Sometimes that is the case, but in others we look at upgrading as an option to save thousands of dollars.  In one instance, a client had workstations that had started becoming very slow.  They knew they needed to do something and paying for twenty new workstations was going to come with a steep price tag.  Although, if they needed it they were willing to spend the funds to keep their team productive.  After the team at Solinkit performed an audit, we found that the processor speeds were impressive for the age of the machine and more than enough to accommodate the workload.  Rather than replacing the entire machine, we upgraded the hard drive to a faster solid state and added additional memory.  This made the machines run faster than the day they were purchased and saved the business owner thousands of dollars.

Computer Replacement

Everything ages and while upgrading is a good option in some cases, in others it just is not practical.  If we don’t think and upgrade will bring an additional three years of useful life, we recommend replacing the machine.  This is also the case if the computer processor is older and lacks certain metrics we look for.  Upgrading that machine would make a difference, but it would be short lived.  When replacing computers, we find that we are able to save our customers hundreds of dollars by automating the majority of the project.  Additionally, we are able to provide further savings with our direct relationships with distributors for the big brands such as Dell, HP and Lenovo. 

If you are having problems and think that something needs looked at, reach out to us and request a free assessment.  We provide the exact advice to you that we would personally do ourselves.