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Lower Your Company’s IT Costs, While Getting a Higher Quality of Service

Lower your company’s IT costs and get a higher quality of service?

That’s right.

If you are currently paying an IT company for tech support and managed network services, we guarantee that Solinkit can beat that price.

This isn’t a limited-time offer or a coupon promotion, and this is by no means a “low-bid” play where we cut features until we get to a rock-bottom price.

If anything, we’ve added features and services over the years.

And our price is still lower than our competition.

For more than 17 years, it’s just how we’ve served our tech support and managed network customers.

In that time, we’ve challenged ourselves to develop our offerings in three primary areas – automation, efficiency and waste reduction.

This three-pronged strategy allows us to operate with less overhead and offer more robust services at a lower cost to you.

Here’s how it works.


Automation and Lower IT Costs

We have been developing and tweaking our custom automated system since Solinkit’s earliest days – an evolution on an evolution that is perpetually being improved upon.

Our powerful automated system allows us to take care of the critical daily maintenance – updates, antivirus, compliance, etc. – that most other IT companies have to perform manually. Automating these processes reduces the overall labor hours, and this, in turn, reduces the overhead required for your support, which provides an instant reduction in IT costs.

Our automated system allows us to provide customers with real-time reports that confirm that your updates have been installed and your network is secure. In the event that there is a problem, the system alerts us and lets us know if we need to go onsite to take care of something. Not only does it save you money, but we can actually show you what you’re getting.

Efficiency and Lower IT Costs

While we were investing in our automated system, we have also spent significant time examining our human workflow (the company is run by a certified Project Management Professional).

Even in 2020, updates and installs still take a considerable amount of time, and for most of that time, all you can do is stand by and helplessly watch the screen. Multiply that by an office-worth of machines, and the hours begin to add up. With some companies, that screen-time is counted as billable hours, which will drive up your IT costs very quickly. For a Windows install, you could literally be paying someone to stare at a screen for a few hours.

At Solinkit, we’re not content to sit around when there is work to be done. We have examined the entire process, and we have redesigned it from the ground up to be ultra-efficient. Setups do take time – valuable time – but we are not interested in wasting your time (or ours). If a job has us setting up multiple workstations, we coordinate our tasks so that we can be performing other critical projects simultaneously while the operating systems, updates or software continue to load.


Waste Reduction and Lower IT Costs

Electronic and other forms of corporate waste have been problematic from the very first days of personal computing for both the environment and your IT costs. Solinkit’s solution is to equip your business with the technology it needs while ensuring that you get the longest possible life out of your machines. We also examine your network to make sure that you aren’t paying for services and features that you don’t need.

The standing joke when buying computers in the 1990s was that they were obsolete as soon as they left the store, but that’s not really the case. Most computers can be expected to have long, productive operating lifespans – if you care for them properly.

It is often the case that a solid-state drive and a stick of memory can save you hundreds of dollars (per machine) versus replacing the entire computer. By eliminating the waste of getting rid of the workstations before their time and upgrading them, you keep the machines out of landfills and potentially save thousands of dollars in IT costs in the process. A simple upgrade can often get your existing equipment performing like new.

If you’re replacing computers that still have three or four years of useful life in them (with upgrades), that’s waste in every sense of the word.

It is critical for companies to get IT and managed network services that “true-to-size” fit their needs. How is it that so many small businesses end up locked into contracts designed for medium and enterprise-level customers? Most hardware is sold at a slight markup, which means that the vendors have a vested interested in selling as many pieces as possible – the higher the total price, the larger their cut.

Companies are also likely to over-invest out of the gate because they are afraid that they will have to replace all of the equipment within a few years to accommodate new technology and anticipated company growth. As we mentioned above, this fear can be assuaged though strategic cost-saving upgrades. Solinkit is also comfortable working with both clients and vendors/service providers to make sure your network is functioning properly and you’re getting what you need (and only what you need). We can deal with the vendors so you don’t have to.

Yes, you need a backup. Yes, you need a firewall. But paying too much in IT costs for services and features you’re not going to use is waste.


The Solinkit Difference

In addition to our ongoing commitment to automation, efficiency and waste management, our clients also benefit from our staff’s diverse software and project management expertise.

We are Quickbooks experts. Instead of reaching out to Quickbooks when you have a problem, you can phone Solinkit for support. We are also experienced with a wide array of industry-specific software used by dentists, contractors, lawyers and more. We learn it so we can better understand your problems and more clearly explain the solutions.

Our Technology Director, Nathan Neil, is a certified Project Management Professional, which means Solinkit is uniquely positioned to take the “human factor” of network management into consideration and examine how your IT (and its associated expenditures) fit into your company’s larger workflow.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service, boutique-style business.

It is this unique blend of automation, efficiency and waste reduction combined with our software and project management expertise that allows us to guarantee that we will beat any competitor’s price and lower your IT costs while offering a higher standard of service.

See for yourself by requesting a free technology assessment.