Outdoor Mesh Network

Wireless Outdoor Mesh Project

With the increase of connected devices and usage of credit cards, the owners of a local fairground wanted to be able to have WiFi across the entire location.  Cell phone signal was poor in the area and this implementation would allow them to provide attendants with more payment options and also expand the security camera network for the safety of guests.  After the initial evaluation the Solinkit team determined that a wireless mesh solution would provide the most benefit.

What is Mesh Wifi Network?

Mesh networks solve the major problem of providing wireless coverage over a large area.  In this instance we used five wireless pro mesh units and positioned them throughout the fairgrounds.  This allows for a net or web of WiFi connection to be broadcasted.  Each unit connects to each other creating multiple paths for a cell phone, tablet or laptop to reach the internet.  Mesh is the ideal choice for covering long distance ranges, especially if some locations that you need wireless signal are challenging to run cable.  In this setup one mesh unit was hardwired into the physical network and the others connected to the primary unit and amplified the signal.

Our Mesh Solution of Choice

For this client we used the UniFi AC Mesh Pro access points.  They are more expensive than their non-professional versions, however these units each have a reach of over 180 meters and 360 degree coverage.  These units provide very high performance, which is critical with the further expansions that are planned for surveillance cameras and other smart devices.    The mesh units produce speeds up to 1750Mbps and holds up to outdoor conditions.  For under $1,000 for five units, you can cover a large area and not spend a large amount of money.

Chambersburg Wireless Experts

If you are looking for a solution provider for any scenario where wireless is idea, request an assessment from us.  Our company has developed wireless networks for school districts, emergency response facilities, outdoor long range coverage and warehousing.  Solutions vary for each project, but our mission is to find the most cost effective and efficient solution for your budget.


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