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QuickBooks Desktop and Server Repair

Quickbooks is used by nearly three-quarters of small businesses to manage the accounting for their business.  Managing the companies books is vital to any organization, but what do you do when you have an issue?  There are plenty of options out there to help with questions about how to use the Quickbooks software and other features, but what do you do when something goes wrong with the technology?  At Solinkit, we specialize in resolving complicated Quickbooks issues with both Quickbook Server Manager, stand-alone versions, and multi-user mode.  A technical issue can bring the backbone of your business to a halt.  If you experience an issue opening a Quickbooks data file, don’t panic.  Call the experts and allow us to resolve the situation and put your mind at ease.

Common Issues with QuickBooks Desktop

  • Error 6123
  • Quickbooks Error H202
  • Company File Issues
  • Installation Corruption
  • Network Access Errors
  • Quickbooks Crashing

Corrupted Quickbooks Data File

It is not uncommon for some Quickbook files to become corrupted over time.  This causes several issues including error H202, failure to enter multi-user mode, and also intermediate crashing of the Quickbooks software.  Typically when we see this issue there is an underlying cause, such as a problem with the network or system firewall. Resolving this problem is achievable, but is not recommended for someone who has never done a repair before.  This typically requires someone with knowledge in both Quickbooks Server Manager, Quickbooks Desktop, and Windows Server.  Making a small misstep in this process could result in the complete corruption of the data file, which is why we do not provide instructions for self-repair.

Typically if caught early, this issue can be resolved within two hours by one of our qualified Quickbooks data repair experts.  More complicated issues may take additional time.

What do I need to Fix my Company’s Quickbooks File?

When you call the professionals at Solinkit, there are a few things that are needed to simplify the repair process.  The first item is required and that is the Admin password for your company file.  The Admin user is the only account with access to repair corrupted data entries, regardless of the method used by the technology professional.  Always keep your password secure and stored somewhere that is safe.  Losing this password makes a repair substantially more challenging.

Additionally, you will need to provide your technicians with Administrative access to all workstations that have Quickbooks Desktop installed in addition to the server that has the Quickbooks Server Manager installed. If you have a backup system at your facility, it is important to also provide access to that device.  This can aid in the process of recovering files in the instance of higher levels of corruption to the Quickbooks data file.