Solinkit Expands: More Techs More Space

Technology is ever growing and ever changing.  The challenge is making sure that your company is keeping up with the changes so that your business is protected from data loss, security breaches and lost productivity.  Recently, Solinkit started a campaign called “Trust but Verify.”  What this means is trust your current IT solutions provider but verify that they are doing what they are paid to perform.  Trust that your being billed the proper amount by your internet and email service provider but verify that you are not paying for features you do not need. 

This list could go on indefinitely, however most business owners and managers do not have the time to perform all these checks and balances.  Since we started this campaign and performed a few audits we have found that many businesses are either overpaying and under-served or paying for items that are wasteful and not necessary.  In one instance we found a company, who paid another IT service provider for an update management service and had not received the service in nearly a year.

It is important for us to mention that this is not always the case, and, in many situations, we find from our reviews that a business is getting a good quality of service.   The only difference is that we can further minimize their cost and we guarantee it. 

With a 17-year history, we have worked very diligently at establishing a system with automation, efficiency and waste reduction.  Through this we can provide a better service for a lower price by reducing the amount of man hours required.  Additionally, this also improves our ability to respond and greatly reduces business downtime.

With this high level of efficiency, a single technician can manage nearly double the number of workstations.  While this has been quite effective, some businesses are hesitant to contact our firm because of our smaller employee base.  Solinkit has been working for several months to even further increase our already excellent response time and technician availability.  We are proud to announce that today, we have tripled our number of support technicians through strategic relationships, partnerships and remote work methods that we had implemented with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This increases our work force as we also triple the size of our offices in the Professional Art’s Building in Chambersburg this September.  We are excited to continue to grow our base and headquarters here in Franklin County, PA.  Within our Chambersburg office we currently have three technicians to handle our primary customer relationships, service requests and on-site projects.  The current strategy is to begin our employment search to begin adding new positions to the Chambersburg Office this year.

All of our technicians are local and within the tri-state region. We are very excited to announce this very important move as Solinkit grows and continues to carry out its mission to expand our reach.

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